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169mm BUNKA #235

  • 169mm BUNKA #235
  • 169mm BUNKA #235
  • 169mm BUNKA #235
  • 169mm BUNKA #235

169mm Bunka

In low carbon clad Aogami 2 steel from Hitachi.

'Bunka' is Japanese for 'culture', and implies rusticness, authenticity etc. - it's a versatile all-rounder. The straight angle tip, sometimes called a 'k-tip' is used for scraping the skin off root vegetables such as burdock - popular in Japanese home and country cooking.


Low carbon cladding - laminated in-house
Aogami (blue paper) no.2 carbon steel edge for a 'san-mai' (three layer) blade. Aogami 2 is a really great cutlery steel alloyed with around 1.5% added tungsten, enabling extra hardness and toughness. We do like the contrast we get between the cladding and core steel with this combination of materials.
Blade 169x48mm
Local oak and bog oak (5000 years old) handle 130mm